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I'm an experience designer specialized in

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Hi, my name is

Fangxiao "Ricky" Yu

user experience
virtual reality

​What I do

​Creating delightful moments in our life

​Who I am

A designer beyond boundaries


​I'm a designer

I'm a designer who focuses on human-computer interaction and digital media presentation. I'm passionate about using my design approaches to improve the interactive process within our daily life and finding possibilities to create delightful moments by experimenting with multiple kinds of interfaces.  


As a current master student in Digital Media program at Georgia Institue of Technology, I learned lots of skills to help me to be a good user experience designer and creative prototyper. 


I am actively seeking a full-time position in UX design or product design starting June 2019. If you're interested, please

Storytelling in UX

My undergraduate major in journalism and communication gives me the ability to use storytelling to shape user experience. I was exposed to various qualitative research methods when I was in undergrad, which taught me how to listen to user's story. Meanwhile, I had learned multiple media skills including writing, filming, photography, illustration, data visualization, and animation. These skills gave me the ability to represent users' story and communicate them across the team. Next, I could combine them with my design skills to optimize the interaction flow and create intuitive UI for my users. Eventually, my design will become a delightful addition to users' story so that it can solve the problems and change millions of users' life.



Technology for social good

I firmly believe technology should be designed for larger social good. And I see the potential of using technology to empower the vulnerable and make the knowledge more accessible to everyone. And I'm working on it! I'm an educational technology enthusiast. And my master project is about designing a simulation game to make the complex history concept easier for kids to understand. I'm also learning knowledge about universal design and accessibility to make sure the product I designed can promote equity and social justice.





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