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Pizza Planet is a new restaurant brand established in 2015. This brand lacks promotion. So they hope to market their food in an attractive way.


Its main customers are young college students between 18-25. 


The features of Pizza Planet can be concluded as follows:


ToHight is an app where students can check out the latest events in campus while club organizers can apply to hold new events. This platform combines online campus event calendar with online application system for campus events. In this way, it can gather information on each event just from their application.



What I Solved


It is very common for a student-run club to hold an event on campus. But sometimes the event organizer might find it hard to promote the event to other students. At the same time, the students also think they are unable to easily get information about the events around them.  In order to create a bridge between two groups of people, I need to figure out an efficient way to gather information from the club organizers.


It was initially finished by December 2015. The original version was in Mandarin and designed especially for students in my undergraduate school, Wuhan University. But in 2016, I specially revised and translated it to fit a broader international context.

Visual Display

Designed by Fangxiao Yu,

last updated in February 2019