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MapGuide is an LBS app designed for planning and guiding a trip. It is especially used in some big resorts or amusement parks which consist of multiple choices for visitors. 


Visitors can personalize their trip plan on digital map according to our recommended routes. While in the resort, MapGuide can also guide your route and offer you with an audio intro of each attraction. And we will also invite users to interact and comment during their trip.

It was initially finished by November 2015. And it was specially revised and translated for my portfolio. In this project, I played the role of UI/UX designer.

Research: Data

According to Research Report On Booking For Trip Online In China ( 2014 ) by CNNIC ( China Internet Network Information Centers ), Chinese people began to develop the habits of using the internet to assist in their trip.

Number of users who book or buy travel-related product online in 2013 & 2014

According to Baidu Index ( Oct. 12-18, 2015 ), three keywords "strategy", "attraction" and "map" have the highest correlation with "travel". And the keyword "map" has the highest search index.

Baidu Index also tells us what type of users are searching "travel". Most of the users are male and work as the white collar in big cities. They are under too much life pressure. So they want to go on a free and easy trip. Meanwhile, they are equipped with the ability to make plans based on some research on their own.

Research: Interview

I talked with 8 people who have a lot of traveling experiences about three topics, "trip strategy", "trip map" and "attraction". Here are three quotes:

Thus, I decide to use a digital map to be the core of this design. The design should focus on how to gather comments to help users personalize their plan, how to use a digital map to help them find their way and to interpret the attraction for them.


Wang is planning a trip on a map. He finds a route online but it is set for two days. He has three days so he needs to add more spots to visit.

Wang uses MapGuide to view comments from previous visitors. They advise him some good attractions to visit on the third day.

In the resort, Wang wants to find a toilet. He searches the toilet on MapGuide. Then it tells him to turn left.

When he gets to the toilet, he finds it unavailable. Then he thinks he needs to use cellphone to remind other visitors.

After the trip, MapGuide has documented Wang's route. So he can show it to his friends directly.

​Visual Display

Designed by Fangxiao Yu,

last updated in February 2019