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Answer Me,


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This interactive game presents the history of China's resumption of its Gaokao (College Entrance Examination) in 1977.  In this game, players are invited to the examination hall in 1977. Through this interactive experience, people can understand why China resumed Gaokao and what the exam was like in 1977. Meanwhile, they can also experience the lifestyle of the late 1970s.


Gaokao has always been the focus of Chinese press. In 2016, when Dyclub Media Lab asked me to cover the story of Gaokao, I wanted to do something different. So I chose the perspective of history presentation which focused on Gaokao test in 1977. Since traditional storytelling seemed ineffective on this topic, I designed an interactive game to present many visual and audio materials of that age and give people a multimedia experience.


This game gained more than 120,000 views at last, becoming one of the best works of Dyclub. In this project, I played the role of product manager & interaction designer.

​Research & Development

Historical pictures


To find what story to tell, we read many articles and watched documentaries about Gaokao in 1977. Meanwhile, in order to get some details, we even had interviews with some people who had experienced Gaokao in 1977.

We finally decided to present both what the test was like and how the test was resumed. When it came to the second one, I thought we needed to create an environment to let player immerse inside and explore the whole story by themselves. So I created the story of finding admission ticket in player's room. By clicking props in that room, the player would get a lot of information about the resumption of Gaokao, like why it was resumed and how it was resumed.

The typical Chinese home furnishings of the 1970s, exhibited in Shanghai Expo

Then we started to build the environment of the 1970s, we searched a lot of old pictures and historic exhibition. And we imitated the style of that age when we did the visual design. And we tried our best to use as many actual objects as possible to give people an authentic sense.

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